Adding Phone Service To Existing Subscription

  • We are very pleased to tell you that we will soon be offering phone service to Lyme customers – and will be able to do so beginning early next year. The cost for this service is a one-time phone activation fee of $30 and $25/month for residential service and $35/month per line for businesses (plus applicable taxes). It is very important that you do not contact your existing phone provider about terminating your service with them – or you may lose your current number. When we are ready to turn on phone service, WE will contact your existing provider to “port” your number over.
  • Please fill out this brief form so that we can indicate on your account that you are interested in taking phone service. We will contact you to gather specific information on your phone line(s) once the service becomes available.
  • You can find your account number on your monthly LymeFiber invoices. The format of the account number is SUB-####-########.