Conduit Drops to Premises

Most LymeFiber customers will choose a standard overhead connection (an "aerial drop" of less than 400 feet) that runs from a utility pole to their house or business. Some customers already have a conduit (an underground pipe) to carry other cables (electric, phone) on the path from the pole to their building.

If you do not already have conduit, but would like to avoid a new cable attached to your house, you can have conduit installed. (This is not part of the standard LymeFiber installation cost.)

If you wish to have conduit installed to your home/business, you should give these specifications to your contractor. You can also print this PDF file for your contractor. (See below for contractors who might be able to install conduit for you.)

Note: If you have to dig anywhere in the Town Right-of-Way, ensure that you obtain the necessary permit. You can get information from the Selectboard Office - 603-795-4639.

Underground Conduit Specifications for LymeFiber Customers

  1. Conduit must be 2” Schedule 40 conduit
  2. Long sweeps, no elbows (90-degree angles or “L” shapes)
  3. Conduit must come up at least 1 ½’-2’ above grade on house and pole and secured to pole and to house.  Conduit on pole side must also come up in the same quadrant as existing services.
  4. Trench must be at least 18-24” deep
  5. 210-250 lbs tensile strength string in conduit
  6. No weather heads. There is too much risk of fiber breaking and interrupting service
  7. Conduit comes up on outside of house.
  8. Distances greater than 400′ should have a ‘pull site’ every 500′. Please call the office at 603-795-0915 and consult with the Out Door Crew for requirements.
  9. Install a tracer wire (12-gauge copper wire, insulated) in the trench for Dig Safe to be able to locate it in the future.


LymeFiber has developed a list of contractors who assure that they can provide this service. You can download the list here.

If you are a contractor who would like to be considered for this kind of work, please read through the specifications above and contact to express your interest.

Updated 29 September 2020