Service Plans & Pricing

Subscription Rates Shown are Monthly – No Contracts Required

All Service Level Plans Include:

– UNLIMITED Data! — No Caps!
– Symmetrical Speeds — Same speed download and upload.

Installation and Activation Charges (one time charges)

– Residential Internet installation charge $99.00
-Business Internet installation charge $150
– Telephone activation fee $30.00
– Adding telephone service after initial installation:

– No additional wiring needed – $30
– Wiring required – $105

Residential: 75Mbps $ 72.00
Business: 75Mbps $90.00

Light User
Good for moderate individual use

**With LymeFiber’s Basic Internet Service you’ll be able to receive/send e-mails, upload/download music/photos, use Skype to communicate conversationally.

Residential: 300Mbps $ 104.00
Business: 300Mbps $124.00

Medium User
– Good for heavy individual or light family use

**With LymeFiber’s Standard Internet Service you’ll be able to upload/download multiple videos, music files, or photos at a single time; having one person watching Hulu, or similar on-line video service, while someone else is using the Internet for other purposes.

Business: 500Mbps $159.00

Light Office Use

**LymeFiber’s Ultra Internet Service is great for videographers, graphic designers or others receiving or sending very large files, sharing large files in real time, remote real-time music performance, or those who stream HD videos.

Residential: 1Gbps $134.00
Business: 1Gbps $250.00

Extreme Users
– Good for heavy office use
– Uploading / downloading shows /large files frequently
– Serious live gaming

**With LymeFiber’s Wicked Internet Service you’ll be able to stream 4K movies regularly, and play intensive 3D games in 4K on your PC. What would take you hours to download on a lesser connection can be achieved in a matter of seconds with LymeFiber’s Wicked Internet Service.

VoIP – Phone Services

Telephone Service includes Long Distance throughout the US and Canada plus a full range of customer convenience features such as call waiting, call forwarding, as well as call blocking. Digital voicemail services are also included in phone service cost. Voicemail features include voicemail to email feature, which allows you to listen to your voicemail from your email account when you are away from your home phone!

Residential Phone Service $25.00 *plus applicable taxes per month per line
Business Phone Service  $35.00 *plus applicable taxes per month per line

  • Business Level customer’s are also able to sign up for Static IP addresses at $7/month per address

A LymeFiber residential or business phone comes with unlimited local and long distance calling services and a big list of features:

Unlimited local calling including calls to toll free numbers (800,866,877,etc.)Speed Call ShortCall Barring-Long Distance
Unlimited long distance calling within the U.S. and CanadaAnonymous Call RejectionCall Barring-International
International calling billed per ExhibitCall Forward-variableCall Barring- 900 Calls
CNAM (includes Caller ID with number and name)Call Forward-find-me-follow-meAutomatic Recall (*69)
Call waitingRemote Access to Call ForwardingAuto Callback to Busy Line (*66)
Call waiting with Caller IDWeb Selfcare PortalCaller ID with number
3-way callingCall Barring-AllCall Block

For more information please read our page on Voip Phone Services.

Additional Charges may apply for underground or lengthy connections
For detailed information about outside work necessary to connect you to LymeFiber, please read our page on Exterior Connections.

  • Connections that surpass 400 feet from public utility pole: $1 per foot for additional footage.

Subscriber Services

  • Custom on-premises technical support call: Labor @ $75/hour plus materials (minimum 1 hour charge – billed in half-hour increments thereafter).