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Thank you for signing up for LymeFiber internet service! We are currently gathering subscription information from residents and business owners in Lyme. We will keep you informed of the work we are doing as we get closer to delivering service to your address.

You will shortly receive a confirmation email containing the information you just supplied. Send an email to if you have questions.

What happens next?

We project service in Lyme for Fall 2020. As we get closer to that date, we will be back in touch to request:

  • Payment information - there is no obligation now
  • Whether you want to sign up for telephone service through LymeFiber
  • Whether you would like an automatic debit withdrawal for monthly payments
  • Approval from your landlord, if you are a renter

You can help promote LymeFiber service by encouraging your friends and neighbors to consider our fast, reliable and affordable internet and telephone services. They may visit our website at to learn more about LymeFiber and to complete the online subscription. If you, or they, have any questions or would like to learn more, please email us at