VoIP Telephone Service

Set Up Is Quick & Easy

Just 3 easy steps!


Step 1

Locate your LymeFiber Modem/Router and carefully turn it around so you can see the grey and yellow ports on the back.


Step 2

Insert your phone cord into the grey port labeled

Phone "1".

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Step 3

The final step! Simply pick up your phone to see if you have a dial tone, and make a test call.

If you are able to complete the call with no interruptions or errors GREAT!!! If you've completed all three steps and LymeFiber confirmed your service activation date yet you're still experiencing difficulties please call our office for further assistance.


** A LymeFiber technician will make a test call shortly after your scheduled phone activation time. You do not need to answer this call, or have your phone plugged into the LymeFiber equipment for this test call to be successful. We are simply testing to ensure your phone number is communicating via our equipment and no longer on your previous providers system.**

Traditional v.s. VoIP Telephone Service

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Advanced Technology

Traditional landline services are no match for VoIP telephone service. A landline is a hard line that connects to a telecommunications network as opposed to a mobile phone service which converts the caller’s voice into electrical signals, which are then sent to other locations where the signals are converted to voice on the receiver’s end. VoIP technology converts analog voice signals into digital signals, that are transmitted over high-speed broadband data lines rather than through the conventional copper wires.

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Crisp Clear Audio

With traditional phone service the copper wiring is easily affected by the elements. Rain or any form of precipitation can cause static interference during a call on a traditional copper phone line. It is also not uncommon for mice to chew the internal wires in your home. With VoIP phone services you avoid the maintenance of internal lines, and you never have to suffer through a call with poor audio quality ever again!

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