A Community-Centered Project

Bringing Fiber-Based Internet Service to Lyme, New Hampshire

What is LymeFiber?

LymeFiber is a community-centered project offering fiber-optic Internet data service to all residences, businesses, and public organizations in Lyme. Levels of service range from 100Mbps up to1Gbps. All service is symmetrical - same speed upload and download - and are free of data caps. Monthly rates begin at $72.

Residential and business phone lines are now available as an option starting at $25 per month.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.


  • Universal Coverage. We aim to provide high-speed, fiber-optic-based Internet service to every reachable business and residence in Lyme.
  • Net Neutrality. LymeFiber will not throttle or otherwise interfere with your data.
  • A Future-Proof Design. Fiber-optic cable provides almost unlimited capacity for whatever new applications come along.
  • Competitive Pricing. The cost of our service will be competitive with similar service elsewhere in the region.
  • Community Focus. Bringing a needed service to Lyme - our community - is our primary goal.

LymeFiber News

LymeFiber Update—November 2020

By Rich Brown | November 25, 2020

We are pleased to report that construction of the main fiber line and connections are nearing completion, and we started to connect customers on November 11th! The installation process will still take a while, and while we […]

LymeFiber Update — October 2020

By Rich Brown | October 20, 2020

We get this question frequently: When will my internet be installed? Installations will commence at the end of October, and likely stretch at least through the end of April. They will proceed by neighborhoods: our […]

LymeFiber Update — September 2020

By Megan Flemings | September 21, 2020

How many subscribers are there? We are delighted to report that so far 485 people have signed up for LymeFiber service. This is a great number!  When Will I Be Connected?  Our plan remains on-schedule. […]