How many subscribers are there?

We are delighted to report that so far 485 people have signed up for LymeFiber service. This is a great number! 

When Will I Be Connected? 

Our plan remains on-schedule. The earliest date customers could be connected is in October. When your LymeFiber service begins depends on where you live and the weather. We believe connecting the full town will take several months, start to finish.

The chart above shows the various tasks, their expected duration, and the percent completion.

For those who want more details… 

Here’s what’s involved in this multi-year project: You may have seen trucks from ECE (“Eustis Cable”) on the roads. They are working for LymeFiber, and need to do several steps before anyone can be connected. Here’s the process:  

  1. First, a “strand” – a steel cable along all the utility poles. The strand supports the weight of the fiber cable bundle. There are about 2000 poles, on roughly 63 miles of town road.  
  2. Second, is the “fiber pass” – a bundle of fiber optic cables that are lashed to that strand. Each bundle has 48-72 individual fibers. Each of those main fibers gets spliced to a splitter that ultimately attaches to the home. Splicing entails melting the ends of the two glass fibers together. (It’s an astonishing process…)   
  3. Next comes the “drop cable” (another fiber) that runs from the pole to the home. Drops run aerially or underground through a conduit that customers have already installed. At the same time, the crew places a small cabinet (the “Network Interface Device” – NID) on the outside of the house.  
  4. Once the drop is in place, an installer schedules a time to complete the inside connections to your router and telephone wiring. You’ll need to be present for this last step. Then you’re on the air!

Contacting Us 

For general questions about LymeFiber, email us at info@LymeFiber.Net. For questions or information about your specific installation, email support@LymeFiber.Net. That will insure that your detailed question or information gets to the LymeFiber construction team at ValleyNet.

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