LymeFiber Update—May 2021

As we enter May 2021, more than 75% of LymeFiber subscribers are up and running. Our contractors are working on the remainder: they’ll install drops to houses (some through underground conduit) and make the final installation .

We are about to announce the availability of telephone service through LymeFiber. Watch your emails for the announcement. 

We recently upgraded the backhaul connection from our equipment in Lyme to operate at 3 gigabits/second. This has eliminated slowdowns that had been reported during evenings. We are working to install a redundant backhaul connection through Thetford that can be used if the primary link through Hanover fails/has a break.

Finally, we continue to get new subscription requests at the rate of one or two a week. In the end, we expect that LymeFiber will serve more than 70% of Lyme homes and businesses. We are pleased to make this happen.