Phone service is now available for LymeFiber customers! Telephone Service includes Long Distance calling throughout the US and Canada plus a full range of customer convenience features such as call waiting, call forwarding, as well as call blocking. Digital voicemail services are also included in phone service costs. Voicemail features include a voicemail-to-email feature, which allows you to listen to your voicemail from your email account when you are away from your home phone!

Residential Phone Service $25.00 *plus applicable taxes per month per line
Business Phone Service  $35.00 *plus applicable taxes per month per line

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As we enter May 2021, more than 75% of LymeFiber subscribers are up and running. Our contractors are working on the remainder: they’ll install drops to houses (some through underground conduit) and make the final installation .

We are about to announce the availability of telephone service through LymeFiber. Watch your emails for the announcement. 

We recently upgraded the backhaul connection from our equipment in Lyme to operate at 3 gigabits/second. This has eliminated slowdowns that had been reported during evenings. We are working to install a redundant backhaul connection through Thetford that can be used if the primary link through Hanover fails/has a break.

Finally, we continue to get new subscription requests at the rate of one or two a week. In the end, we expect that LymeFiber will serve more than 70% of Lyme homes and businesses. We are pleased to make this happen.

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We are beginning our third month of connecting customers with LymeFiber internet. We have already installed about 180 of the 500+ subscribers so far. We are pleased with the progress we were making.  

We are writing today to explain the installation pause during the holidays. We planned to observe vacation time and COVID protocols for our installers who traveled to be with their families. 

We had expected our teams to be available again this week, however, we were not able to make that happen successfully.  Consequently, we are rescheduling our installations and it may be a week or two before our installer teams are at full strength. 

We apologize for the resulting disruption to your expectations. Some things to keep in mind:

  • We schedule installations a week to ten days out. We will call you to find a time for the final in-person installation. 
  • If you are not home when we call, please don’t panic. We will leave a message, and send a confirmation email. You can contact us to set up a mutually convenient time.
  • We still have about 300 final installations to complete. As noted earlier, this will take a while, possibly until April or even May to connect everyone.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we bring high-speed internet to Lyme.

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We are pleased to report that construction of the main fiber line and connections are nearing completion, and we started to connect customers on November 11th! The installation process will still take a while, and while we expect to move right along, we expect it to take until April or May of 2021 to reach everyone. 

We have started Installations from the hub location near the Common and are working our way out along the fiber routes. As we activate service areas, we will call you to schedule an installation in your home. While we make every effort to be flexible in the choice of days and installation windows available, it is important that we try to complete the installations in reasonable order. Someone over the age of 18 must be present for the 2-3 hour installation process. If we leave a message, please call us back right away, because if we are unable to schedule you when we are in the area, it may be months before we are able to return to do your installation. 

We are also very pleased to tell you that we will soon offer phone service to LymeFiber customers – and we should be able to do so beginning in December. The cost for this service is a one-time phone activation fee of $30 plus $25/month for residential service and $35/month per line for businesses (plus applicable taxes). Since this service was not available when you first subscribed for internet, we will waive any additional installation costs if we have to come back to install your phone. If you know you want phone service, please let us know so that we can install the phone at the same time as the internet. E-mail us at and include the number of lines and the service address. 

In all cases, this is very important: DO NOT contact your existing phone provider about terminating your service with them – or you may lose your current phone number. When we are ready to turn on phone service, WE will contact your existing provider to “port” your number over. 

Thank you again for becoming a LymeFiber customer! We are very excited that high-speed internet is getting turned on in our community, and we thank you for your support.

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We get this question frequently: When will my internet be installed?

Installations will commence at the end of October, and likely stretch at least through the end of April. They will proceed by neighborhoods: our contractor has divided the town into “fiber service areas” that share common infrastructure. As a fiber service area becomes available, the outside plant team will attach the fiber drop to your house, and the support team will work with you to schedule the in-house connection.

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How many subscribers are there?

We are delighted to report that so far 485 people have signed up for LymeFiber service. This is a great number! 

When Will I Be Connected? 

Our plan remains on-schedule. The earliest date customers could be connected is in October. When your LymeFiber service begins depends on where you live and the weather. We believe connecting the full town will take several months, start to finish.

The chart above shows the various tasks, their expected duration, and the percent completion.

For those who want more details… 

Here’s what’s involved in this multi-year project: You may have seen trucks from ECE (“Eustis Cable”) on the roads. They are working for LymeFiber, and need to do several steps before anyone can be connected. Here’s the process:  

  1. First, a “strand” – a steel cable along all the utility poles. The strand supports the weight of the fiber cable bundle. There are about 2000 poles, on roughly 63 miles of town road.  
  2. Second, is the “fiber pass” – a bundle of fiber optic cables that are lashed to that strand. Each bundle has 48-72 individual fibers. Each of those main fibers gets spliced to a splitter that ultimately attaches to the home. Splicing entails melting the ends of the two glass fibers together. (It’s an astonishing process…)   
  3. Next comes the “drop cable” (another fiber) that runs from the pole to the home. Drops run aerially or underground through a conduit that customers have already installed. At the same time, the crew places a small cabinet (the “Network Interface Device” – NID) on the outside of the house.  
  4. Once the drop is in place, an installer schedules a time to complete the inside connections to your router and telephone wiring. You’ll need to be present for this last step. Then you’re on the air!

Contacting Us 

For general questions about LymeFiber, email us at info@LymeFiber.Net. For questions or information about your specific installation, email support@LymeFiber.Net. That will insure that your detailed question or information gets to the LymeFiber construction team at ValleyNet.

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The work of building LymeFiber is moving right along. Here is an update.

We have signed a construction contract with Eustis Cable Enterprises, LTD, of Brookfield, Vermont. This is the company with the bucket trucks and experienced crews who will soon be out on our roads installing the fiber-optic cables. They are well-qualified, having been providing this service to ECFiber for years.

Most of the equipment needed for the project has arrived. This includes the electronics for the network hub and the fiber connectors and other hardware that is used out on the utility poles. The last big item, the fiber-optic cable itself, is scheduled for delivery this month. In the meantime the utilities have completed the make-ready work on the poles. Eustis is ready to begin construction. In fact, they’re already doing preparation work, and you may have seen their trucks with our LymeFiber logo around town.

The construction of the network happens in several phases. First a steel cable, called the strand, is installed from pole to pole along the entire route of the network. When that’s complete, the main fiber-optic cable, called the trunk, is hung from the strand throughout the network. In the next phase the cables from utility poles to each subscriber’s premise get installed. These are called drops. Then system-wide testing makes sure all the splices and connections are good. Finally, an installer visits each subscriber and connects – lights up! – their service. One take-away from all this is that even though you see a Eustis or LymeFiber truck working on the poles in your neighborhood, it may still be a while before your service is active. Nonetheless, we expect the first subscribers to come online in late October, weather permitting.

As we have described before, LymeFiber, LLC, has contracted with ValleyNet to oversee construction of the network and then to be its ongoing operating company. This is the same role they fulfill for the ECFiber network in Vermont. We have already sent our signup list to ValleyNet. Later this month they will be sending out emails or letters to everyone who has signed up for service. One email will be a request for you to confirm your subscription. A second will provide the results of the “drop survey” that was done at your site last fall. This will have all the details about what is required at your site to get the cable from the utility pole to your premise.

We know that some subscribers plan to have their drop run underground through conduit. The job of installing that conduit is the responsibility of the subscriber. To help, we are soliciting the names of contractors who can do this work. If you are such a contractor or you want to suggest one, please send the information to We will not be evaluating contractors, but we will make the list available to anyone on request. The technical requirements for the conduit are the same as those for ECFiber and are available on their website.

Finally, as LymeFiber becomes a reality, we will be transitioning some resources like our website and some functions like routine communication with subscribers from our initial LymeFiber team to ValleyNet. They are the professionals. But our team, as your neighbors, will still be here.

If you have questions, please contact Thank you.

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Eversource crews moving electric service to new pole near Post Pond, March 2020

Working closely with our construction and operations partners at ValleyNet, we continue to progress toward installation of LymeFiber in Fall 2020. The process for installation is remarkably complicated, both because of the legal/regulatory requirements plus the amount of work from various entities that must occur:

  • You may have seen various telephone and electric company trucks working on poles in town. This “make ready” process involves teams from those companies preparing the poles and making space for our fiber optic cables. (The image accompanying this note shows Eversource crews moving electric service to a new pole near Post Pond, March 2020.)
  • In parallel, we are obtaining licenses to install the fiber on the poles and across the Connecticut River, ordering the necessary fiber cable, installing the electronics for the network hub, and finalizing the construction agreement with the contractor that will install the fiber.
  • Once all these details are complete, our contractor will begin to install the fiber backbone on the poles along the roads of town. As things stand now, this will begin in June.
  • Finally, once all the electronics are in place and the fiber has been hung on the poles, the LymeFiber crews will begin to install the “drops” that connect the backbone to each home or business.

Delays in obtaining pole access, plus the fact that town roads are now posted for mud season, have put us about four to six weeks behind our original plan. Nonetheless our target is to provide service starting in October.

If you haven’t yet signed up for service, and plan to do so – it would be very helpful for you to SIGN UP NOW. We’ll be contacting subscribers/sign-ups soon to discuss connection details with customers. This will be for planning the sequence of individual hook-up areas. If we get late signups, they may be delayed in getting a connection. If you have questions, please contact Thank you.

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On Friday, 10 Jan 2020, LymeFiber held a conference call to answer questions from potential bidders for our Request For Proposal (RFP). Here are the responses to those questions:

Q: After reviewing the maps and BOM’s provided, I have come up with the attached Unit counts, does ValleyNet plan on sending out a unit breakdown for missing items from the BOM’s like Down guys, Anchors, Overhead Guys and Bonds so that all bidders are using the same information to complete their bids?
A: No, A per unit cost for these tasks is expected. Some of the information can be pulled from the maps, others won’t show up until you are at the pole.

Q:   There are no bores called out for but it looks like there will be some. Should we put in place holder number for bore unit or will LymeFiber/ValleyNet give us a number to use. 
A: Please use a place holder number for the bore units. VN will not send out a number.

Q: Should we be providing a cost for customer premises installations for the 1014 homes or as a single unit price per home for outside work?
A: Single price for running drop to premises

Q: Should we be providing a cost for the interior customer premise installations for the 1014 homes or as a single unit price per home for inside work?
A: Single price for installation

Q: There are no units for drop placement in conduit provided: do we include a single foot price as a place holder?
A: No drops will be priced per drop aerial or UG with extra price for non-standard drop, standard drops are 400’.

Q: There are no pole sets called out for, should we be providing a unit cost for them as a place holder and if so what class of pole.
A: No poles are planned on this project

Q: Should traffic control be built into the unit pricing or an hourly rate provided to be used as needed. (Billing based on an hourly rate as used will lower cost as opposed to adding to all units in the build.)
A: Would prefer pass through with administrative markup

Q: Should we include single unit pricing for rock bores and rock trenching as place holders; (ie: BM60(R)(Rock Bore), BM60(RR)(Heavy Rock), BM71(Rock Excavating)?
A: Yes

Q: Are any specialty permits a pass thru (Railroad, Highway, Excavating, act.)?
A: Yes

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The LymeFiber project reached an important milestone today when ValleyNet, the non-profit who will build and operate our network, issued a Request for Proposals (RFP, shown below) for construction of the network. This document will be distributed to companies and trade organizations in the fiber-optic field. It specifies all the technical and legal details of the project. Responses to the RFP are due next month. A committee of LymeFiber and ValleyNet experts will review the responses and select a builder.

Companies are being asked for proposals to build a network that consists of about 57 miles of fiber-optic cable throughout the town as well as drops – the connections from the utility poles to the house or business – for over 300 subscribers who signed up for service.

And as always, if you haven’t filled out our no-obligation signup form, click Sign Up Now! at the top of this page.


Can’t open the PDF above? Use this link to download it:

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