LymeFiber Update—January 2021

We are beginning our third month of connecting customers with LymeFiber internet. We have already installed about 180 of the 500+ subscribers so far. We are pleased with the progress we were making.  

We are writing today to explain the installation pause during the holidays. We planned to observe vacation time and COVID protocols for our installers who traveled to be with their families. 

We had expected our teams to be available again this week, however, we were not able to make that happen successfully.  Consequently, we are rescheduling our installations and it may be a week or two before our installer teams are at full strength. 

We apologize for the resulting disruption to your expectations. Some things to keep in mind:

  • We schedule installations a week to ten days out. We will call you to find a time for the final in-person installation. 
  • If you are not home when we call, please don’t panic. We will leave a message, and send a confirmation email. You can contact us to set up a mutually convenient time.
  • We still have about 300 final installations to complete. As noted earlier, this will take a while, possibly until April or even May to connect everyone.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we bring high-speed internet to Lyme.