Q&A for RFP

On Friday, 10 Jan 2020, LymeFiber held a conference call to answer questions from potential bidders for our Request For Proposal (RFP). Here are the responses to those questions:

Q: After reviewing the maps and BOM’s provided, I have come up with the attached Unit counts, does ValleyNet plan on sending out a unit breakdown for missing items from the BOM’s like Down guys, Anchors, Overhead Guys and Bonds so that all bidders are using the same information to complete their bids?
A: No, A per unit cost for these tasks is expected. Some of the information can be pulled from the maps, others won’t show up until you are at the pole.

Q:   There are no bores called out for but it looks like there will be some. Should we put in place holder number for bore unit or will LymeFiber/ValleyNet give us a number to use. 
A: Please use a place holder number for the bore units. VN will not send out a number.

Q: Should we be providing a cost for customer premises installations for the 1014 homes or as a single unit price per home for outside work?
A: Single price for running drop to premises

Q: Should we be providing a cost for the interior customer premise installations for the 1014 homes or as a single unit price per home for inside work?
A: Single price for installation

Q: There are no units for drop placement in conduit provided: do we include a single foot price as a place holder?
A: No drops will be priced per drop aerial or UG with extra price for non-standard drop, standard drops are 400’.

Q: There are no pole sets called out for, should we be providing a unit cost for them as a place holder and if so what class of pole.
A: No poles are planned on this project

Q: Should traffic control be built into the unit pricing or an hourly rate provided to be used as needed. (Billing based on an hourly rate as used will lower cost as opposed to adding to all units in the build.)
A: Would prefer pass through with administrative markup

Q: Should we include single unit pricing for rock bores and rock trenching as place holders; (ie: BM60(R)(Rock Bore), BM60(RR)(Heavy Rock), BM71(Rock Excavating)?
A: Yes

Q: Are any specialty permits a pass thru (Railroad, Highway, Excavating, act.)?
A: Yes