Eversource crews moving electric service to new pole near Post Pond, March 2020

LymeFiber Update — April 2020

Working closely with our construction and operations partners at ValleyNet, we continue to progress toward installation of LymeFiber in Fall 2020. The process for installation is remarkably complicated, both because of the legal/regulatory requirements plus the amount of work from various entities that must occur:

  • You may have seen various telephone and electric company trucks working on poles in town. This “make ready” process involves teams from those companies preparing the poles and making space for our fiber optic cables. (The image accompanying this note shows Eversource crews moving electric service to a new pole near Post Pond, March 2020.)
  • In parallel, we are obtaining licenses to install the fiber on the poles and across the Connecticut River, ordering the necessary fiber cable, installing the electronics for the network hub, and finalizing the construction agreement with the contractor that will install the fiber.
  • Once all these details are complete, our contractor will begin to install the fiber backbone on the poles along the roads of town. As things stand now, this will begin in June.
  • Finally, once all the electronics are in place and the fiber has been hung on the poles, the LymeFiber crews will begin to install the “drops” that connect the backbone to each home or business.

Delays in obtaining pole access, plus the fact that town roads are now posted for mud season, have put us about four to six weeks behind our original plan. Nonetheless our target is to provide service starting in October.

If you haven’t yet signed up for service, and plan to do so – it would be very helpful for you to SIGN UP NOW. We’ll be contacting subscribers/sign-ups soon to discuss connection details with customers. This will be for planning the sequence of individual hook-up areas. If we get late signups, they may be delayed in getting a connection. If you have questions, please contact info@lymefiber.net. Thank you.