LymeFiber Update — June 2020

The work of building LymeFiber is moving right along. Here is an update.

We have signed a construction contract with Eustis Cable Enterprises, LTD, of Brookfield, Vermont. This is the company with the bucket trucks and experienced crews who will soon be out on our roads installing the fiber-optic cables. They are well-qualified, having been providing this service to ECFiber for years.

Most of the equipment needed for the project has arrived. This includes the electronics for the network hub and the fiber connectors and other hardware that is used out on the utility poles. The last big item, the fiber-optic cable itself, is scheduled for delivery this month. In the meantime the utilities have completed the make-ready work on the poles. Eustis is ready to begin construction. In fact, they’re already doing preparation work, and you may have seen their trucks with our LymeFiber logo around town.

The construction of the network happens in several phases. First a steel cable, called the strand, is installed from pole to pole along the entire route of the network. When that’s complete, the main fiber-optic cable, called the trunk, is hung from the strand throughout the network. In the next phase the cables from utility poles to each subscriber’s premise get installed. These are called drops. Then system-wide testing makes sure all the splices and connections are good. Finally, an installer visits each subscriber and connects – lights up! – their service. One take-away from all this is that even though you see a Eustis or LymeFiber truck working on the poles in your neighborhood, it may still be a while before your service is active. Nonetheless, we expect the first subscribers to come online in late October, weather permitting.

As we have described before, LymeFiber, LLC, has contracted with ValleyNet to oversee construction of the network and then to be its ongoing operating company. This is the same role they fulfill for the ECFiber network in Vermont. We have already sent our signup list to ValleyNet. Later this month they will be sending out emails or letters to everyone who has signed up for service. One email will be a request for you to confirm your subscription. A second will provide the results of the “drop survey” that was done at your site last fall. This will have all the details about what is required at your site to get the cable from the utility pole to your premise.

We know that some subscribers plan to have their drop run underground through conduit. The job of installing that conduit is the responsibility of the subscriber. To help, we are soliciting the names of contractors who can do this work. If you are such a contractor or you want to suggest one, please send the information to We will not be evaluating contractors, but we will make the list available to anyone on request. The technical requirements for the conduit are the same as those for ECFiber and are available on their website.

Finally, as LymeFiber becomes a reality, we will be transitioning some resources like our website and some functions like routine communication with subscribers from our initial LymeFiber team to ValleyNet. They are the professionals. But our team, as your neighbors, will still be here.

If you have questions, please contact Thank you.